SimSage is an innovative AI-powered website search solution enabling users to search less and find more. Streamlining the process of installing our plug-in and providing you with the relevant information to do so is at the heart of SimSage which is why we’ve collated all the information that you might need in one place.

Our comprehensive technical documentation can be downloaded or searched for using the SimSage WordPress plug-in, making it straightforward to find the information that you need.

SimSage Search WordPress plugin

From setting up and managing your account to activating your SimSage plug-in and configuring WordPress, we’ve created a handy document which takes you through the SimSage activation process.

Our guide also provides information about using ‘SimSage Operator’ – an automatic handover function which allows an elected individual to pick up queries which cannot be answered by SimSage’s knowledge-bases.

Download the PDF guide now.